Our goal is to achieve industry-leading operational efficiency and we are working to cut our carbon footprint and our waste in half over the long term. Through research, innovation, and technology, we continue to identify operational improvements at every stage and to build environmental understanding at a state and a site level.

Pump efficiency remains a key focus, since the electricity we use to pump water accounts for about 90 percent of our carbon footprint. Our facilities consume about 1 million MWh per year of electricity, and over 95 percent of that is used to pump water. We are leading the way in seizing opportunities to improve pump efficiencies, reducing the amount of energy required to power them.

Additionally, through our Innovation Development Program, we have tested new approaches and technologies to create greater efficiencies in water reuse, desalination, wastewater operations, and bioenergy.

For more detailed information about how we are promoting energy efficiency and GHG reduction, please see our current Sustainability Report