Employee Business Resource Groups

Nicole Boyd

“At American Water, Inclusion and Diversity isn’t a “program” it’s a part of our culture. We intentionally use the word Inclusion first because when we focus on Inclusion (the willingness to accept people for who that are, willingness to learn and willingness to hear new ideas), then diversity is automatically present which leads to a sense of belonging. Embracing the uniqueness that each of our employees bring is what makes us successful. We want to create an environment where our employees can achieve their greatest potential.”

Nicole Boyd
Director, Inclusion and Diversity
American Water


American Water’s inclusion and diversity journey continues and in 2021 the company is proud to launch its first-ever Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs)! Based on feedback from our employees and business needs, American Water launched a Women’s EBRG and a Together We Stand (TWS) in January. While these are initial EBRGs, the company is working to create additional groups to support the diversity of all of our employees.

Our EBRGs are inclusive and welcome to all employees who wish to participate. Employees do not have to have a personal affiliation to join a group – allies and those interested in expanding their knowledge base are welcomed and encouraged to join. Both EBRGs offer opportunities for employees to share ideas, best practices and create measurable and long-lasting impacts on the company’s culture.

American Water sees inclusion and diversity as vital elements in creating an environment where differences are accepted and are important to the company's success. EBRGs are an exciting step forward on our journey to creating a work environment where everyone feels included and can bring their whole self to work.


WE CAN (Woman's Empowerment Champion & Ally Network)

American Water’s WE CAN (Woman's Empowerment Champion & Ally Network) Employee Business Resource Group seeks to foster an inclusive culture where female employees are empowered to bring their authentic best selves to work and reach their highest potential, where their personal and professional growth contribute to the success of our company and the communities we serve. Our mission is to engage female employees and their allies to support women’s personal and professional development with a focus on careers, culture and community.

Leadership Team

David Takisha

David Bowler
Executive Sponsor SVP,
Corporate Tax, Accounting
Technology & Reg Services
Camden, NJ

Takisha Walker
Co-Chair Principal
Program Manager
Alton, IL CSC

Trip Cheryl

Trip (Charles) Barton
Career Committee Lead
Manager, Engineering
Peoria, IL

Cheryl DiSanti
Community Committee Lead
Program Manager
Carnegie, PA



Priscilla Krista

Priscilla Galligani
Community Committee Lead
Manager, Cash Management
Camden, NJ

Krista Citron
Career Committee
Lead Engineer Project Manager
Lexington, KY



Together We Stand (TWS)

American Water’s Together We Stand (TWS) aims to promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, for Black/African American employees and their allies, at all levels within the company. Our mission is to provide an open forum for employees to develop a collaborative approach to drive inclusion, retention, career advancement, community involvement and to create a culture where every voice matters and is provided an opportunity to be supported.

Leadership Team

Pamela Tiffanie

Pamela Richardson
Executive Sponsor
VP, Chief Labor Employment
& Commercial Counsel
Camden, NJ

Tiffanie Duncan
Labor Relations Analyst
Peoria, IL


Anthony Solomon
Indirect Tax Supervisor
Camden, NJ


Tim Terrance

Tim Gentry
Career Committee Lead
Engineering Automation & Controls
St. Louis, MO

Terrance Taylor
Community Committee Lead
Field Services Technician
Peoria, IL