Chloramines Statement

Chloramines are a California and federally approved alternative to free chlorine for water disinfection. Chloramines can reduce disinfection by-product formation and may help reduce concerns related to taste. Chloramines are also used by many American Water systems and many other water utilities nationally. Chloramines have the same effect as chlorine for typical water uses with the exception that chloramines must be removed from water used in kidney dialysis and fish tanks or aquariums. Treatments to remove chloramines are different than treatments for removing chlorine. Please contact your physician or dialysis specialist for questions pertaining to kidney dialysis water treatment. Contact your pet store or veterinarian for questions regarding water used for fish and other aquatic life. You may also contact our Customer Service Center at 1 -888 -237 -1333 for more chloramine information.

If you are served by California American Water and live in one of the following communities, your water is disinfected with chloramines:

San Marino

El Monte


Temple City

San Gabriel


East Pasadena


Baldwin Hills

Ladera Heights

Windsor Hills

View Park



unincorporated areas of LA county

Las Posas


Thousand Oaks

Newbury Park


Imperial Beach

Chula Vista

San Diego