Drinking Water

Our systems are required to comply with federal and state regulations developed under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and other federal and state statutes. To help achieve compliance with applicable regulations and track our environmental stewardship efforts, American Water employs an Environmental Management Plan system in tandem with an internal audit program.

In addition, our internal environmental audit program reviews plans, procedures, and physical facilities. It proactively assesses the services we provide, seeking to identify potential vulnerabilities, thereby enabling us to address them.

Providing clean water for life is our vision. To us, it means delivering safe, clean, reliable, affordable water for generations to come.

To read your local water quality report, please visit our Water Quality Reports page.


Our teams are charged with focusing on identifying specific areas for improvement at individual wastewater facilities through the use of a wastewater operations quantification tool while at the same time continuing to perform cutting edge research to improve our overall wastewater operations.

We are committed to continuing to improve our performance at our wastewater operations.